Playing with our food is something we all hear people scold, but we encourage it. You eat with your eyes first so we like to make holidays extra special with our pasta. These TURKEYS are an original by Rachael and are meant to go great with Thanksgiving dinner. The dough itself is naturally colored to match the palette and aesthetic of your harvest celebrations. Each TURKEY is filled with local red garnet sweet potatoes that have been seasoned and roasted until lightly caramelized and fully developed. The potatoes are then combined with mascarpone cheese for a cornucopic symphony of harvest flavors. Finish these bad girls with BROWN BUTTER & SAGE then top with SMOKED PECANS for full effect.


Striped Dough

Rachael takes the time to make several naturally colored doughs just to begin this process. From cuttlefish ink to tomato paste, turmeric and more, each color is it’s own dough ball at the beginning. With patience, Rachael lays down each color to make these TURKEYS!



Peterson Craft Meats beef and pork and brodo from Graise farm hens. Classically served with Tagliatelle.



Our hand-cut tagliatelle is made with Graise Farm eggs and Baker’s Field heritage grain wheat. Perfect long noodles.



Local beets, fresh-milled Baker’s Field heritage grain red fife & semolina are extruded into beautiful red macaroni.

Pomodoro Sauce


Our signature red sauce. Made with organic tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil. Pomodoro is great with most pastas!