Agnolotti is a favorite and commonly filled with pork. So we are using LOWRY HILL PROVISIONS Italian Sausage for our nod to the OG dago sandwich. We love DUSTY’S but where do you get yours? There is also fresh-pulled mozzarella and the best bell peppers around. From CALIFORNIA STREET FARM we are using the Corno di Toro variety of pepper, which is literally the best tasting sweet pepper there is. We are using red and yellow, or “Escamillo”, peppers along with this amazing local sausage and fresh-pulled mozzarella for our delicious nod to the cities classic sando. 


Lowry Hill Provisions is the wholesale side of the former and beloved Lowry Hill Meats.

California Street Farm


Directly from their website:

About the farm
California Street Farm is an urban farm located in Northeast Minneapolis producing fresh, local vegetables for the neighborhood. The farm is located on land leased from the owners of the California Building, and was originally founded by Jim Bovino and Jillia Pessenda back in 2012. A few different people have grown on the land over the years, and the farm was reinvigorated in 2019 by Ashley Thorfinnson and Chris Barth.

About the farmer
Currently, the veggies at California Street Farm are being grown by me,  Elyssa Eull (she/her). When I am not at the farm or at the farmers’ market, you may see me riding around the neighborhood on my bicycle or enjoying my favorite restaurants and bars in NE. 

My farming practices
I farm with your health, the health of the soil, and the health of the environment in mind. While I am not certified organic, I do follow organic growing practices. All of my farming is done by hand, I support pollinators and minimize soil disturbance, and I do not use chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers of any kind. 

Star Ravioli


Spooky black star ravioli filled with roasted local colette pears and Cosmic Wheel Creamery's manchego; Antares.



Our hand-cut tagliatelle is made with Graise Farm eggs and Baker’s Field heritage grain wheat. A perfect long noodle.



Local beets, fresh-milled Baker’s Field heritage grain red fife & semolina are extruded into beautiful red macaroni.

Pomodoro Sauce


Our signature red sauce. Made with organic tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil. Pomodoro is great with most pastas!