If you have been with us from the begining you may remember the legendary Duck Egg Tajarin from Graise Farm eggs. We have these amazing duck eggs and if you follow us on social media you have seen videos at Graise Farm of these ducks running with the chickens we get our chicken eggs from as well.  Duck eggs are generally much richer than chicken eggs and have a greater yolk to white ratio as well. The rich yolks make it perfect for Tajarin, famously from Piedmont and the Piedmontese dialect, which is made only with egg yolks. We use Graise Farm duck eggs to reach the uniquely very high ratio of yolks to flour (30 – 40:1 egg yolks to flour). This fresh egg pasta is rolled out very thin and cut into strips by hand using a knife. A rich and unique long noodle you can only get hand-cut by Rachael from Cornelius Pasta Co. 


We always have a great time at Graise Farm. Alexander loves the chickens, ducks, geese, pigs and more. Tiffany and Andy have been supporters from day one and are part of the secret to the quality of our pasta.

Graise Farm

We love Graise Farm. Not only have we used their eggs for all of our pasta but Tiffany and Rachael remain friends. From their website;

“Grass-fed Raised humanely Animals In a Sustainable Environment ​

GRAISE Farm (pronounced “greiz”) is co-operated by Tiffany and Andy who are passionate about raising animals humanely and eating healthy, delicious food grown locally.

Animals at GRAISE Farm have daily access to graze outdoors and to soak up sunlight from dawn to dusk. For the best tasting and nutritious food, animals should live a happy, healthy life. That’s why Andy and Tiffany spend time with their animals daily and assure that they have room to run, root, play, dig up insects, and graze or eat grass (when in season)–things that animals do naturally.

Pigs at GRAISE Farm enjoy a spacious area to run, and they eat certified organic feed. In the summer and fall months, the pigs are raised on pasture where they graze on a variety of forages and woodlands. They live primarily outdoors and have shelter to protect them from the rain. In the winter months, pigs at GRAISE Farm have shelter and deep bedding to protect them from the cold MN climate and are provided daily access to the outdoors to root, run and breath fresh air. Graise Farm ducks are free-range. They roam the farm yard during the daytime and have a spacious shelter to protect them from predators in the evenings. Duck breeds include White Layers, Golden 300s, Indian Runners and Khaki Campbells. All ducks are fed certified organic grains. At GRAISE Farm, all chickens are free-range. They are allowed daily access to the outdoors from sun up to sundown, weather permitting, to roam around the farm yard. There are two flocks of chickens housed in separate barns with lots of space to move around and be chickens. Some of the chickens breeds include Barred Rock, Red Sex Links, and Americaunas.”

Star Ravioli


Spooky black star ravioli filled with roasted local colette pears and Cosmic Wheel Creamery's manchego; Antares.



Our hand-cut tagliatelle is made with Graise Farm eggs and Baker’s Field heritage grain wheat. A perfect long noodle.



Local beets, fresh-milled Baker’s Field heritage grain red fife & semolina are extruded into beautiful red macaroni.

Pomodoro Sauce


Our signature red sauce. Made with organic tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil. Pomodoro is great with most pastas!