Our long time friends at Abang Yoli had a great idea, so we made a pasta together. After workshopping we decided our flour & water dough is perfect for Chef Jamie’s Korean flavors. Culurgiones are made from flour & water pasta and have a dumpling like texture so Rachael and Jamie made Heritage pork, Tofu and Garlic Chive Culurgiones. This is going to be the first of many collaborations it feels but don’t miss out. This is an exclusive dare we say, fusion pasta made by two talented chefs you do not want to miss.

Abang Yoli

Abang Yoli emerged as a testament of Chef Jamie Yoo’s love for the comfort foods of his past; dishes like twice-fried boneless Korean Fried Chicken and other equally delicious Asian Street Food. In 2021, we opened our first location in the bustling Malcolm Yards Market. With its foundation deeply rooted in authenticity, the menu showcases a delightful array of contemporary Asian flavors, featuring gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-carb options that are a homage to the culinary traditions of Eastern and Southeastern Asia.

As Abang Yoli grew, we received positive acclaim from food critics, several local magazines, and food influencers. Building upon this success, Abang Yoli expanded into a second location in 2022 with the inauguration of Abang Yoli on Nicollet Avenue.

The crown jewels are the irresistibly crispy twice-fried boneless Korean Fried Chicken and our curation of delicious Asian street foods for you to discover.

A synthesis of Korean and Malaysian culinary influences manifests at Abang Yoli, a gastronomic concept dedicated to offering you our original take on boneless twice-fried Korean Fried Chicken and Asian Street Food.

The name ‘Abang Yoli’ pays tribute to the unique bond between two Asian friends & colleagues, hailing from Malaysia and Korea. ‘Abang’ translates to ‘brothers’ in Malay, while ‘Yoli’ means ‘kitchen’ in Korean.

Together, the name is a testament to unity, camaraderie, and shared passion meaning – “Brothers Kitchen.”