Take a break from all the food you’ll eat on a stick this weekend! Join us for pick up this SUNDAY from 3 – 4 at The Good Acre.

You asked for it, one more week for corn! The CHANTRELLE & SWEET CORN TORTELLI is back. This time this beautiful corn has an equally beautiful partner in this pasta; golden chantrelle mushrooms. Locally foraged by Forage North, also a TGA tenant, and butter poached for an umami soft note that really elevates the sweet corn flavor profile. If you have been with us since Rachael’s Pasta, you know we always have fun with the summer produce and love to follow the yellow brick road to tasty chantrelle bounty. The sweet corn from the farmers at Untiedt’s from Waverly Minnesota is the best tasting corn we can find. They have farm stands all over the metro as well as a presence at grocery stores and farmers markets. A favorite of many with our POMODORONORMA, and also delicious with BROWN BUTTER.

CAPRESE RAVIOLI is sticking around as well! For the third year in a row we are combining a classic flavor combo into a stunning rav. This year the ravioli is half green and half red, the top and bottom of the rav is a different color. The CAPRESE RAVIOLI is filled with fresh-pulled mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes and garden basil. Rachael pulls the mozzarella in-house so prepare for some epic cheese pulls. The local heirloom tomatoes are roasted to concentrate that sweet and umami combo we all love as tomato season. Heirloom tomatoes themselves haven’t been hybridized for shipping so they have the purest, most decadent summer tomato flavor that we wait for all year. A favorite of many with our 

TAGLIATELLE and NORMA SAUCE is a classic combo you have to try! Tag is world famous for a good reason, it is versatile, silky, and scrumptious. We make ours using lots GRAISE FARM egg yolks for unmatched flavor and texture. Pair those eggs with BAKER’S FIELD fresh-milled ancient and heritage grains and hand cut it the old school way (chefs kiss). Then the NORMA SAUCE. The finest local eggplant is cooked until it becomes nutty and tender. Then, the eggplant is tossed into a garlic tomato sauce made from organic BIANCO DINAPOLI tomatoes. Try the Tag with NORMA this week and tell us what you think.

A little easter egg for those of you still reading. You will notice in the shop we have another special. It is the State Fair after all so we have a fun one for you; PICKLE ROLL UPS. Thats right, we took the regionally legendary height of cuisine we call PICKLE ROLL UPS is now a pasta. Cream cheese, pickles, and LOWRY HILL PROVISIONS ROYAL HAM is shaped into pasta and rolled up for your pleasure. Haute dog, that sounds like a good time.  

The shop just got restocked at noon and is live right now! So get your orders in and we will see you at the pasta pickup on SUNDAY 8/27 from 3 – 4 at The Good Acre.!



Wisconsin cranberries and local Camembert cheese fill these festive caramelle. Perfectly wrapped for your holiday feast.

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Brown Butter


Hope Creamery butter full of toasty brown bits and local sage. Perfect to heat and toss any fresh pasta in.

Pomodoro Sauce


Our signature red sauce. Made with organic tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil. Pomodoro is great with most pastas!

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