If you were keen enough to find the Stuffed Pappardelle on the menu last week, you know how good it is. Another fresh, spring pasta with ricotta, english peas and mint. A classic flavor profile stuffed into a traditionally flat hand cut noodle, this pappardelle is it. Also, it is the last week for Triangoli! Our Triangoli is a modified ravioli Rachael filled with asparagus and Shepherd’s Hope from Shepherd’s Way. From their website; “Shepherd’s Hope is a unique mild, fresh cheese with a gentle citrus note at the finish. Another multiple award-winner — a 2012 ACS award winner” the accolades aside, this is amazing stuff. The fresh cheese in combination with local asparagus is a spring treat. As spring is ephemeral, so is this pasta. The shop gets restocked at noon on 5/31, so get your orders in and we will see you at the pasta pickup on Sunday 6/4!



Triangoli with local fresh asparagus and Shepherd’s Way, Shepherd’s Hope. Sleek, seasonal and delicious.

Stuffed Pappardelle


We took this classic hand-cut ribbon style pasta and stuffed it with local english peas, ricotta and mint.

Creste di Gallo


Baker’s Field einkorn ancient grain wheat & semolina extruded with into macaroni perfection!

Pomodoro Sauce


Our signature red sauce. Made with organic tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil. Pomodoro is great with most pastas!

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