It is another Saturday pick up this week and there are some sauce additions as well!

Fist we have a new extruded pasta, Radish Top Campanelle. The beautiful color comes from juicing radish tops. The flavor doesn’t truly come through in the pasta but rather fortifies the noodles with nutrition of the radish tops and adds a seasonal green pop to your plate. These noodles have beautiful sauce-catching ridges and go great with simple summer pastas like mac-n-cheese and pasta salad. Next we have our Garlic Scape Pesto. This pesto is made from the garlic flowers shoots that are trimmed, the scape, for bulb production. Along with fresh garden basil and parmesan, this pesto is an annual treat. Finally, we added Red Gravy. This is a meat sauce made from the shortrib drippings and organic tomatoes. There is also roasted garlic and depth of flavor that will turn any of our pasta offerings into an amazing main course for your family dinner.

One more week for the Buttered Radish Cappelletti. This late-spring beauty is colored with beet and nettle doughs. The cappeletti is then filled with Hope Butter, and whipped house-made ricotta and fresh farmer’s market radishes. A perfectly seasonal pasta that could very well be your centerpiece as well. We still have three varieties of Culurgiones as well! Traditional with Shepherd’s Way Friesago, potato and mint, Midwest with Caves of Fairbault Fini cheddar and garlic mashed potatoes, and finally Shortrib with Blackberry Ridge Farm beef shortribs. All three culurgiones varieties come in 8 packs and there are limmited quantites of everything. The shop gets restocked at noon on 6/14, so get your orders in and we will see you at the pasta pickup on Saturday 6/10!

Star Ravioli


Spooky black star ravioli filled with roasted local colette pears and Cosmic Wheel Creamery's manchego; Antares.



Our hand-cut tagliatelle is made with Graise Farm eggs and Baker’s Field heritage grain wheat. A perfect long noodle.



Local beets, fresh-milled Baker’s Field heritage grain red fife & semolina are extruded into beautiful red macaroni.

Pomodoro Sauce


Our signature red sauce. Made with organic tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil. Pomodoro is great with most pastas!

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