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CULURGIONES are back! One of Rachael’s signature shapes and for a reason. This time its HAM & CHEESE CULURGIONES, one of the all-time flavor combos. Now it’s cold and we surely have moved all the way into jacket and big fire season. Our CAPPELLACCI DI ZUCCA with BROWN BUTTER & SAGE finished with SMOKED PECANS are that season on a plate. Also, your feedback on the TAG with BOLO has been amazing and we love it too. Read all about it below. 

HAM & CHEESE CULURGIONES are instant classic material. We are using some of the best ham and cheese we can find. CULURGIONES are a water and flour dough resulting in a dumpling like texture. Traditionally Sardinian and filled with potato, we take some creative license and give ours a sense of place by using local pruveyours. Beyond creamy potatoes these are filled with the insanely good royal ham from LOWRY HILL PROVISIONS, and WIDMER’S MATTERHORN CHEDDAR. LHP, out of NE MPLS, makes some of the best cured meats around. We love the ROYAL HAM and especially with cheddar. The MATTERHORN alpine cheddar from WIDMERS is an alpine homestead cheddar with richness and depth out of Theresa, MN. Culurgiones come in an 8 pack and are delicious with BROWN BUTTER & SAGE.

CAPPELLACCI DI ZUCCA are one of those fall treats we enjoy through the season. Local sweet dumpling squash is roasted until caramelized, sweet, nutty and silky. The squash is combined with SARTORI’S SARVECCHIO parmesan for that depth and touch of umami. These beautiful shapes stand tall and are truly a centerpeice of our fall menu here but are a great side to a roasted protein or vegetables. Again, a must with BROWN BUTTER & SAGE and SMOKED PECANS

Thats right, SMOKED PECANS are back too! We slowly smoke pecans until they have the perfect gentle smoke. They are tossed in sorghum to add a natural sweetness that balances and pushes these smoked pecans over the top. Add these to any of your pasta dishes for added depth and texture to dinner. 

Have you tried the BOLO yet? The feedback we’ve gotten has been amazing. Our BOLOGNESE features some amazing farmers for this traditional meat sauce. We use PETERSON CRAFT MEAT beef and pork and GRAISE FARM stew hens for our brodo. PCM focuses on soil stewardship, animal husbandry and regenerative farming practices and align with our core values as well. Not only have Tiffany and Andy at GRAISE FARM become friends, they consistently deliver the best eggs and we are thrilled to be able to use their stew hens for our brodo.  The beef and pork are browned and deglazed with red wine then, the brodo is added and it all simmers for hours until it comes together as a perfect sauce for pasta. Ball like you are in Bologna and try it with Tagliatelle this week!

The shop just got restocked at noon and is live right now! So get your orders in and we will see you at the pasta pickup SUNDAY 11/5 PICKUP from 3 – 4 at The Good Acre.



Wisconsin cranberries and local Camembert cheese fill these festive caramelle. Perfectly wrapped for your holiday feast.

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Brown Butter


Hope Creamery butter full of toasty brown bits and local sage. Perfect to heat and toss any fresh pasta in.

Pomodoro Sauce


Our signature red sauce. Made with organic tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil. Pomodoro is great with most pastas!

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