We are back to SUNDAY PICKUP! SUNDAY 10/7 PICKUP this week from 3 – 4 at The Good Acre. Click HERE for a larger menu you can save and share.

Did you know you can freeze the pastas you like to have at later date? We love to and all you have to do is freeze the fresh pasta flat in the packaging it comes in, then consolidate your pasta into a freezer bag. When you are ready to enjoy your pasta just drop it in your water directly from frozen and turn back time enjoying your favorites. We’ve got tons of pasta and sauce you could freeze this week. Theeeyyyy’rrrreeee baaacckk with BATS & EGGPLANT PARMESAN MEZZALUNA to stock up on as well. If you are a long noodle girl, we implore you to try TAGLIATELLE and NORMA before eggplant season has passed us by. 

We read it right, BATS are back! This spooky pasta is another CPC exclusive you cannot get anywhere else. Festive black pasta is filled with a perfectly October match of CAPRA NERA goat feta and UNTIEDT’S pumpkin and mascarpone. Then by hand, each noodle is shaped like a cute little pasta bat. Feta is most commonly a goat’s milk cheese and you already know that CAPRA NERA’S farmstead feta is on another level. We season and roast the UNTIEDT’S pumpkin until that natural depth of flavor comes out and this season is perfectly encapsulated in pasta. Toss these bats in BROWN BUTTER & SAGE or make your own cream sauce to complete the vibe.

There are a limited amount of EGGPLANT PARM MEZZALUNA available. The amazing eggplant from CALIFORNIA STREET FARM is just about out of season so enjoy asap, or freeze. EGGPLANT PARM MEZZALUNA is our take on another Italian American classic and elevating it to a beautiful CPC half-moon ravioli. Grown right in NE MPLS, this stunning eggplant is fried in olive oil until tender and savory. Mozzarella is hand-pulled by Rachael then combined with SARTORI PARMESAN and the fried eggplant for a true red sauce Italian beauty. Amazing with POMODORO and complete the vibe by making yourself unlimited salad as well. 

The shop just got restocked at noon and is live right now! So get your orders in and we will see you at the pasta pickup on SUNDAY 10/15 from 3 – 4 at The Good Acre.!



Wisconsin cranberries and local Camembert cheese fill these festive caramelle. Perfectly wrapped for your holiday feast.

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Brown Butter


Hope Creamery butter full of toasty brown bits and local sage. Perfect to heat and toss any fresh pasta in.

Pomodoro Sauce


Our signature red sauce. Made with organic tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil. Pomodoro is great with most pastas!

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